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Innovation, teaming, process improvement, collaborating and partnering with clients sets us aside because we are constantly looking for ways for clients to lower their recruiting costs. In short, we are not looking for the “quick fill” for the immediate position, but the best culture fit, and what the position may grow into and how we can best supply the candidates for the best growth. This saves on operational down time, recruiting costs, training costs and raises retention rates while saving across all areas in the future.

We Offer:

Hourly Sourcing

Models to meet your high demand spikes or rapid growth ramp ups.

Contract Staffing

Solutions, helping provide flexible labor solutions or “temp to permanent” staffing providing a more versatile hiring model.

Permanent Recruiting

Providing contingency options for those hard-to-fill or senior management positions.

Whether you are a job seeker or company looking to add talent to your company, you can easily find the candidates or jobs that perfectly matches your needs with Charsky Group as subject matter experts in U.S. Life Sciences or Medical Device Recruiting!

We also offer consulting for military recruiting programs as a NO-COST value add for clients. Many of our clients have benefitted greatly from our assistance and expertise in establishing in depth, targeted military or Veteran recruitment programs, helping develop their leadership and bench strength while meeting diversity standards.

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Biomedical Research & Manufacturing - Charsky Group

Research & Manufacturing

We excel at finding the right talent for the right stage of the job. A company that is in Phase I, has different hiring needs than a company in Phase III. We specialize in learning clients needs from early funded research to collaborative production.

Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturing - Charsky Group

Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturing

Weather preapproval to final stages of clinical trials, we understand each stage of a Pharma companies life cycle and can help tailor their needs to the precise position in the pipeline and plan ahead for production. We know the wrong candidate at the wrong stage can cost delays in approval and millions of dollars.

Medical Device Development & Manufacturing - Charsky Group

Medical Device Development & Manufacturing

Pre 510K, to post production and acquisition, we know how to find the proper candidate for the specific phase of the project, or the whole product pipeline. Hiring the right candidate that can see a project through will save future recruiting and training costs, as well as production down time.

The Proof Is In
Our Work

Charsky Group stands apart from the competition

  • Permanent / Contract Recruiting, and Sourcing Options
  • Superior Staffing Solutions as SME
  • Higher Retention Rates Based on truly understanding our clients specific needs
  • Lower Costs for Hiring and Training, due to placing candidates that fill the current need as well as grow into future positions
  • Flexible and Tailored Company Staffing Solutions
  • Insured, Trained Professionals
  • Added Value to Companies – Bottom Line

We realize the need for a firm that supports life sciences research / manufacturing and, medical device manufacturing with intimate industry knowledge and relationships. Backed by Eric Charsky, a seasoned leader from the contracting and Pharma/Med device recruiting fields, Charsky Group brings flexible options to fit all budgets and projects and proven results to the table. In today’s business world, we have many options and competitors to choose from, but few firms focus on knowing one industry sector and specializing in that area as subject matter experts with 3 different business models to support a company’s needs from research/pre-approval to post approval/marketing, production and distribution. Eric has trained his staff with a target on both the client and candidate’s needs. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, proudly upholding an environment that fulfills immediate needs with proven, vetted talent, regardless of our support type, from hourly sourcing, contract labor needs or permanent recruiting. Lastly we support Veteran hiring practices and have helped clients build in depth, robust Veteran recruiting programs to help with their diversity, and bench-strength development. 

SDVOSB - Charsky Group

Charsky Group is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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