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CEO of Charsky Group - Eric Charsky
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Charsky Group was founded in 2007 to do one thing. Specialize in specific industries headed by SMEs with years of experience in their verticals, creating the best partnership between client and candidate possible, resulting in great hires.

We are headhunters, reaching out to people “old school”, finding the highest caliber, best candidates possible. We have honed our practices, becoming the best in the industry at finding specific talent needed for strategic positions.

What does this mean for you, our clients? We get to know your needs, the details needed to bring in talent that is a perfect fit, not just a body that can do the job. We will not flood you with a bunch of resumes that we found on a job board, or that have applied to every job on the internet. We find the needed talent that is a good fit for your company, the team and of course has all, not just some of the needed experience to become a critical part of your team.

Please call 888-846-4105 to discuss how we can help you with your hard to fill positions.

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Engage with our expert consulting team, and let’s co-create strategies that elevate your business aspirations to concrete achievements.