Our Processes

What We Do

  1. Head Hunting – Outreach only; we do not post job ads; we only target candidates in a similar position with the needed skills and life experience. After initial outreach, we will interview extensively and only forward the candidates that make 100% of the needed requisites. 
  1. Executive Recruiting – We will screen and interview all candidates multiple times. Once the candidate has proven they are skilled for the position and meet the requirements, they are forwarded to the hiring manager. 
  1. Consulting – By Project or hourly, will help guide companies to make necessary changes to hire and retain needed talent. Many companies do not realize that their processes or advertising may not provide the needed support to competitively bring talent to the company or help retain critical talent. We work with senior management and the needed departments, offering ideas to make them more competitive to acquire top talent and maintain them.

Our processes consist of tried-and-true methods applied over the last 16 years. We do not incorporate AI, then send you unvetted candidates we have not communicated with in detail. All of our recruiters are located IN THE UNITED STATES and have spent considerable time in the area that they are recruiting for you. 

What does this mean for you as our client? 

The highest caliber of recruiter 

  • Engages with every candidate
  • Interviews and communicates with every candidate a minimum of 3x
  • Presents valuable candidates 
    • Meet or exceed the skillset(s) needed for the job
    • Willing to relocate to the desired area
    • Happy with the salary and benefits offered
    • Good fit for your team

The hiring manager receives a solid group of candidates to find the best fit for the team and company, making their interviews seamless and more productive.

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