Defense Industry

Leading Executive Recruiting in TheDefense Industry

Charsky Group recruits in the Defense Industry, specializing in strategic positions. What does this mean for our clients? Many positions within the defense industry have specific needs such as:

  • GO or SKADA Engineers that can speak multiple languages building equipment to Prime’s standards or communicating with Sub-Contractors equipment.
  • Business Development Executives with a specific product being used in the military.
  • Contract Negotiations between multiple defense companies where prior relationships or industry knowledge help move contracts along.
  • Controllers with defense auditing knowledge that can coordinate with other vendors and partners, making the integration process easy for shared revenues.
  • Employees with knowledge of specific protocols and equipment like SOCOM and JSOC.
  • Electrical engineers that with previous knowledge of systems like classified radars, or AI.

Charsky Group works on the positions in the defense industry bringing the best candidates to clients, helping the US military be the most technologically advanced military possible. Everything from C-Suite, to engineers, candidates with specific clearances, or knowledge, everything you need to build a competitive defense product; we are your agency.

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