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Eric and his team have provided a unique and highly effective sourcing model to support our talent acquisition team during our company's rapid growth. The team is very knowledgeable in our space and have sourced and screened top tier candidates. I have also worked with Eric while at a prior company and his team was also very effective in contingency placements for us. Thank you Charsky!
Eric is easily one of the most talented and dedicated people I have know in my 30+ yrs in leadership positions. Smart, driven, and resourceful he was the drving force behind our company building a new major business unit that produced a profit year 1, and set the stage for significant growth of the company for years to come. He would be my first choice to build a team around.
Eric has stepped out of the box for me on three different occasions over the past few years. His ability to quickly come up to speed on any task or project has meant that I found the best candidate possible in every instance. His ability to conceptualize aggressive paths to completion have also helped me to look at the overall desired outcome differently and, in one case in particular, make a drastic change in direction that sped our time to market and lowered our overhead expenses.
Eric, is a true professional that can be counted on to be there with the answers no matter what the job request is. His team attitude makes a cohesive work place and demonstrates his goals for the betterment of the company and the individuals working with and for him. Eric brings great strength and work ethics to his position.”

As he started building a new veteran recruiting program within Shaw; I saw his enthusiasm to get the right candidate for the positions we were filling and he showed compassion and dedication to make the fit a win - win for not only Shaw but also for the individual. Of all the recruiters I have met and delt with in my 40 year career, I would say that Eric is far the best in what he does and how he accomplishes it. Eric fosters a "can do" attitude and team work lifestyle make him a true asset for any endeavor that he embarks on. Eric is the “go to guy” to not only get things done, but do it in a way with Class. Anyone that has worked with Eric has nothing but praise for his personality and leadership traits, and work ethics. He is a great guy and someone you always want on your team.

He maintains strong work ethics and is dedicated to the Company and expects the same from those who work with him. He is knowledgeable of his position as a Recruiter and treats people as professionals. He is detailed, manages to excellence, communicates well with others, and is fair. Mr.Charsky is an outstanding asset and a valued member within the Shaw community prior to leaving and starting his own firm. I have enjoyed working with Eric, he has my utmost respect and look upon him as my Friend.” I wish him well on his new endeavor and I know he will succeed, I have been blessed to work with him and look forward to working with him again on maybe the Nuclear side of the industry.
Eric Charsky has coordinated and executed a military recruiting program, strategic recruiting objectives, a budget and recruiting operations while supplementing our programs with updated policies and procedures for the hiring and training of workers with military experience. He has directed initiatives with site management and other recruiting teams for recruitment forecast systems by establishing and setting measurable goals.

Charsky has excellent presentation skills, a high volume of energy and a strong will to overcome any obstacle. He is a custom-solutions provider and has successfully partnered with Vice Presidents down to plant managers, to create the best solutions possible to deliver top talent to our organization, which in turn, directly affects our turnover.